The Philips that was made in Japan.

The Philips CD960 marketing slogan in the US boasted: “Truly a reference standard CD player, the CD960 incorporates only the most uncompromising components because it has been designed by the world’s most uncompromising audiophiles1; Philips engineers”. But were the engineers that worked at the Natlab in Waalre uncompromising audiophiles? And where are the Philips engineers’Continue reading “The Philips that was made in Japan.”

The CD-94MKII vs the CD-95

The CD-94MKII vs the CD-95TDA1541a S1’s in a push-pull system. Roughly a year after completing the new Sagamihara factory, Marantz introduced a new implementation of the TDA1541a into the market. The Marantz CD-94MKII and CD-95 were manufactured in this factory from 1988 till 1990 and came with TDA1541a-S1s in push-pull configuration. But Marantz was notContinue reading “The CD-94MKII vs the CD-95”