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The CD-94MKII vs the CD-95

The CD-94MKII vs the CD-95TDA1541a S1’s in a push-pull system. Roughly a year after completing the new Sagamihara factory, Marantz introduced a new implementation of the TDA1541a into the market. The Marantz CD-94MKII and CD-95 were manufactured in this factory from 1988 till 1990 and came with TDA1541a-S1s in push-pull configuration. But Marantz was notContinue reading “The CD-94MKII vs the CD-95”

An OEM CD-94 by Micro Seiki

When Micro Seiki entered the market in 1987 with the CD-M2, it must have raised some eyebrows. Slightly higher than a Marantz CD-94, you must have been surprised when you found out it weighed a hefty 22 kilograms picking it up! It also came with bold marketing statements like: “previously unobtainable transparency, and an extremelyContinue reading “An OEM CD-94 by Micro Seiki”

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